close testimonials
"My son and his wife bought some cloths from you at  the Home & Garden show.  They had just paid someone $60 to clean all the windows in their house and they looked terrible. They cleaned them again with one of your cloths. It took them less than an hour and they are so clear, it's hard to tell there's actually glass in them!"                C Rhoades, Chillicothe, OH

"I bought two cloths at the Indianapolis Flower and Garden Show.  I gave one to my cleaning lady yesterday.  She woke me up this morning and said that she just had to have some more of these cleaning cloths for her sister and daughter.  My husband has asthma and I'm on a crusade to get as many chemicals out of my house as is possible.  You have a really good product."         M Beam, Kokomo, IN

I have a small cleaning business and I had been using this product only 1 week and I am a real believer in this.  I. Moerch

I have never used anything so wonderful, my house work is so easy now, the cloth works on so much the list is just too long!
Love it and so do family I have shared them with.    J. Whitney

This is the best thing that has happened to housecleaning in years! I love mine and I use it all the time.  J. Woodward

"Remember me? I'm the one who shook my finger in your face and said that you'd be hearing back from me if these cloths didn't work. Well you're hearing from me, but it's to buy more for me and my neighbor who fell in love with them, too. Indianapolis, IN  

I live in a mobile home and my windows have to be washed from the outside on a ladder and I use your product and I was amazed that I didn't have to dry them or anything and it only took me less than half the time it normally takes. Everyone should have at least one!   K. Baumgardner

This has been the most timesaving thing I have ever discovered!  L. Frey

My friend in Cleveland gave me one to try and I loved it for stainless steel appliances.  N. Bruscino

they are great in our antique shop for glass china cabinets and i also use them in my house great in the kitchen and for cleaning windows.    J. George


I clean a few houses for extra $. One of my clients bought some and ask me to try it while cleaning her home. I WAS AMAZED!!! I did the whole house with 2 cloths. You have made my life easier. I'm giving some as xmas gifts to family.  K. Ralston

My mother is so particular when it comes to cleaning and she is absolutely thrilled with the Ultimate cloth. She demonstrated how simple and quick your product is to use and as a manufactured home retailer I'm convinced that every home buyer would want your product.   R. Johnson
"The first thing I did when I got home with my new cloths was to clean my Corian counter top. It did a fantastic job and left no water spots! It certainly is a lot less expensive & does a better job than the commercial cleaners I have bought for this purpose. The windows & glass are 'no-brainers' - wow, no streaks or hassle. I own several apartment buildings in Columbus and have turned all my cleaners on to the cloth. "   K Koch,     Dublin, OH

"Love 'em. love 'em - for my house, RV and car!"          R Young, Cleveland, OH

I have a wonderful, smart sister who 'turned me on' to the Ultimate Cloths and many other exciting adventures in my life.
God bless her!   D. Jewson

My ULTIMATE CLOTH does a fantastic job on everything it touches. My daughter, her friend, my cleaning lady, a car detailing friend, and my brother all want several of them after only my second day so I'm writing to find out how to order a box of 100 and be a distributor myself.   J. Devore

I heard about the cloths through my mom whom I trust very much...she was I knew I would be.
I could hardly wait to try them on the many items around the house. When I got them in the mail I immediately opened the package and went to town. Cleaned my glass stove top, granite counter top, and doorwall with the kids fingerprints, etc. Most of all love the convenience.    A. Adsit

A friend purchased at a local home show and gave me one to try. I'm sold."   C Nagy. N. Huntingdon, PA

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Introducing MiraFiber™ - An Exclusive, Patented Technology in a Professional Cleaning Cloth -

ultimate cloth replaces cleaning chemicals and paper towels

Tired of the Time & Frustration of Cleaning your Windows, Glass, Mirrors & Windshields & other hard surfaces such as Stainless Steel, Corian, Granite & Marble?

Fed up with the Film or Haze left behind from your chemical cleaners that give you Streaks & Spots?
Done in by the Ineffectiveness & expense of the products you've been using?


Then you're ready to join the thousands of people who have found a better way to clean!

The Ultimate Cloth™ is a patented, exclusive technology that makes it the best cleaning cloth in the industry today. But don’t take our word for it, be sure to: 
   1) Find out what makes it different by going to 'about MiraFiber' and...
   2) Read what just a few of our customers have said below about this miraculous product!

        The Ultimate Cloth: Streak Free window cleaner - the Ultimate Cloth
  • Cleans & polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, glass - all hard surfaces.
  • Leaves a streak free, spot free, lint & dust free finish using NO chemicals or
    paper towels.
  • One step process cuts cleaning time in half - verified by professionals!

Our customers claim that use of the Ultimate Cloth
can prove to be addictive in any cleaning activity!

It's one of the reasons over 80% of our business is from re-orders & 'word of mouth' referrals.

Streak Free Cloth - the Ultimate Cloth - cleans stainless steel, counter tops, stove tops, appliances including effectiveness at being a corian cleaner, granite cleaner, marble cleaner, glass-topped stove cleaner, black appliance cleaner


With 'Vacuum Power' the Ultimate Cloth Removes Dirt, Grease,
Fingerprints, Hair spray, Bugs, Smoke Film, Tar, Brake Dust,
Dog Nose Prints, Soap Scum and the list goes on.  

Wet It   -  Wring It  -  Wipe your Surface - Walk Away
Then Rinse or Wash the cloth & it's ready to go back to work for you - over & over.


The cloth does the work through it's exclusive, patented construction
& leaves no chemicals on your surfaces that create those frustrating streaks &  spots!

A Simple Cloth & Water

Try it Once...  and You'll Never go back to your old methods of Cleaning your:

  • Household - Besides your windows, glass & mirrors... great for shower doors, bathroom tile, counter tops, appliances - including stainless steel, corian, granite, marble, glass-topped & black appliances. Computer Screens, TV screens, framed Artwork, glass Patio Tables, Sporting Equipment & More
  • Autos - bumper to bumper - inside & out - it will be sparkling
  • Motorcycles, Boats and RV's - Safe for Lexan, paint, chrome... Convenient as it travels with you - just dampen & clean wherever you are.
Microfiber Cloth - Bleachable - Cleans bathroom tile, chrome, porcelain, fiberglass & shower doors with Just Water

The Ultimate Cloth cleans autos from inside out. Streak Free windows, Streak Free windshield. Detailing for paint body, chrome & more.

" I just had to share a picture of my Bentley - it's truly my 'Pride & Joy'. The Ultimate cloth is all I will use on it... inside / out - top to bottom! It's unbelievable how easy it is to keep it sparkling.!

I have a successful international eBay business selling motoring books for classic cars. My customers are car enthusiasts and I now include an Ultimate Cloth with every book I ship out. It's just too good not to share with others."

R. Christie
Broadway, Worcestershire, England
The Cotswolds

Ultimate Cloths are:

  • Professional Cleaning Cloths  - we sell to professional cleaners, auto detailers, glass & window dealers/cleaners
  • CHEMICAL FREE - uses WATER ONLY!   It's the advanced construction of the cloth that does the work
  • Washable & Bleachable - This is the ONLY microfiber cloth that can be bleached - do not use fabric softener
  • Guaranteed 5 Years  - with general household usage
  • Extremely Affordable - use over & over

Ultimate Cloths Positively NEVER Streak Glass, Mirrors or Windows

Steve demonstrating the power & effectiveness
of the cloth at a recent Home & Garden Show.


Obviously, we can't post all the testimonials we get - we just wish you could hear and read ALL of the 'love calls & emails' we get every day about the Ultimate Cloth!

Since you can't... we're publishing a few so you don't have to just take our word for what these cloths will do for your homes, offices & vehicles...    (Personally, we love the last line of the first one. Because it says it all, we've highlighted it!)

"My mother gave me an Ultimate Cloth.  She got it from a friend who got them "someplace I can't remember."  However, I've used it today for the first time, and am sold.  i'm ordering more for me and as gifts for my family and friends.  I also wanted to tell you that I used it on my cherry hardwood floor and it looks like it's been polished.  Thank you for a product that lives up to the hype."   M. Kunst

FABULOUS! I have an online store, but I am also a Contract Cleaner! THESE ARE THE BEST! I can do the windows, inside and out, in 1/3 the time! WITHOUT THE WASTE of paper towels! YAY for the trees, right? AND NO CHemicals on my hands or in the air! YAY for me AND for the environment! Thank-you!   Michelle


Dining room mirror, solarium windows, dark brown acrylic shower, marble countertop, buildup on wooden arms of an upholstered chair, and on and on and on. I've never had so much fun cleaning!   M. Livingston

I was so amazed how easy this cloth cleans and the windows and mirrors with NO streaks. My car windows where my dog's little nose was all over and wipe with the magic of the cloth,GONE and truly streak free. Thank you   C. Peeling

It was nice talking to you today. As an avid long distance motorcycle traveler (over 25,000 miles a year average and all 50 states), keeping my bike looking good after a long day on the road has been made much easier with your product.  Now, I find a container of water, keep the Cloth damp and rinsed and wipe down the entire bike surface.  I may need to change the water during the process, but I end up with a streak free cleaning in minutes.  No more searching around for a soap, bucket, hose and trying to convince hotel managers to part with a few towels to dry.  Good job!    J. Fitzgerald

"Thank you for the time you have given me. I've bought microfiber before, but nothing was like this cloth. You were right, microfiber is NOT created equal and this is definitely a superior cloth. I'll never buy anywhere else again."        D Helman  Denver, CO

I am an obsessive cleaner and I used to swear by SuperCloth until I tried this cloth. It cleans mirrors, windows, marble, granite, tile, china closet, curio cabinet like no other product. Leaves absolutely no streaks or lint behind. Saves so much time because I don't have to keep going over things 2 and 3 times to get them streak or lint free. Makes things actually "sparkle". My husband even noticed the difference. Definitely can't live without these cloths.  J. Van Sciver

I own my own residential cleaning business and my husband came home with these cloths and told me to try them and I cannot tell you how much time it saved me not having to use all different kinds of cleaning products and rags and paper towels. I was so impressed with these cloths it has changed my way of cleaning. It is so much quicker and less expensive, they are a great investment. C. Mcginty

"The cloths arrived safely... thank you!  The saying is the more you use them the more uses you find for them. These are the truest words I have ever heard.

My patio door has the wooden grids on the outside, (not between the glass).... I have done everything and used every solution to clean those small windows that anyone told me about, until a friend told me about the cloths. I said, very skeptically "if it works" I will buy a ton of them.... The very first time I cleaned that door ----- no more streaks... That was all it took to make a believer out of me.

Also the large window over my kitchen sink... no more streaks in the evening sun... my Jeep windshield, my husbands glasses, his scope for hunting.... I’m truly amazed at the wonders of this cloth.... once you use one, you will never again use a paper towel and spray....    It certainly is worth every cent you spend on one... great stocking stuffers.... HAPPY 2006"

Pam M from PA

Hi Audra:  I am the lady from Louisiana that visited you at the Amish flea market the first part of September.  I bought the streak free clothes and you told me to email you with my thoughts on them.  

I was so anxious to get back to Louisiana to try my new cleaning cloth.  We arrived home on Wednesday around noon.  While in Ohio, we bought a curio cabinet.  It has glass on three sides and three glass shelves.  It was in need of some cleaning.  I took one of the clothes and I completely cleaned the cabinet.  The glass part and the wood part.  It sparkled.  I then went into my bathroom and cleaned my mirrors, my bathroom fixtures, light fixtures. and etc.  They sparkled.  I have used it to dust my furniture, clean my televisions, my computer and appliances in my kitchen.  I have been very satisfied with all.  Well, my truck needed cleaning. 

We have down here in Louisiana black bugs, that are called love bugs.  These are two bugs that are stuck together.  They are very nasty and they will ruin your vehicle's paint job.  Needless to say, when we returned to Louisiana, they were in full force (they come to visit us usually twice a year, June and September).  They will stay around  in September until a little cold spell happens.  Well my windshield was covered as well as the front of my truck.  I decided to check the cloth out on it.  Guess what, it cleaned the bugs off without me using any of the can cleaner that I normally have to use.  I was impressed.    I am a true believer in this produce.  I thank you for taking the time to talk to me about it.   Sincerely,   C. Simmons

Want to hear more? Click for more Testimonials...

Every once in a while Something comes along
that Really Works & Makes a Difference - THIS IS IT !

"I never thought a little cloth could be so effective & actually fun to clean with. When my Mother gave me one she bought  at a show I thought 'Great, just what I need - a cleaning cloth'. I took it home to humor her & promptly forgot about it until two weeks later when I was cleaning my 55 gal. aquarium. I gave it a shot - cleaned the glass, hood - everything - and was really impressed with how beautifully & quickly  the cloth did the job. It was true - no streaks, and above all... no chemicals that could hurt the fish. Love it in my kitchen, bathroom & I have to admit that I have now cleaned my car windows more in the last two months than I have in the past two years! It's so easy."    Tracy S., Columbus, OH

Cleans Windows, Glass, Mirrors, Windshields, Chrome & More with Just Water. Hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, super absorbing, rapid dry time. Washable & Bleachable. Simple & Easy to Use


Wasting YOUR Money on Expensive Glass,
Surface & Floor Cleaners


Because you have Better things to do with Your TIME & MONEY...

you'll want to use our K.I.S.S. philosophy in your Cleaning
(Keep it Simple & Smart with 100% better Results)

With the ULTIMATE Cloths,
you can now     

The 5 Rules of the Ultimate Cloth

  1. Use the cloth damp. Simply wet it with water & WRING IT OUT WELL. If you’re getting moisture that stays on your surfaces, you have too much moisture in your cloth.
  2. YOU CAN WASH IT & BLEACH IT …  I do love the bleaching aspect solely for the disinfectant properties as I use them around my kitchen all the time. Just don’t use any fabric softener. The microfibers do the work, but fabric softeners coat the surface of the cloth keeping them from being able to pull the dirt from your surfaces into the cloth. Besides, you don’t want anything on the cloth that will transfer back to your surfaces.
  3. NOTE: We guarantee a clean cloth will never streak or spot your surface. If you are getting streaks or spots, it's ready to be rinsed out or washed.
  4. If you have any questions at all, BE SURE TO CALL THE NUMBERS WE PROVIDE in the cloth packaging or on the website. Ultimate Cloth distributors are all dedicated to you being in love with the cloth – as our current customers already are… MONEY BACK GUARANTEED !
  5. USE THE ULTIMATE CLOTH ON ALL YOUR HARD SURFACES. Find out for yourself the surfaces you will enjoy using the cloth on. We get calls all the time from customers saying how much they love the cloth not only for their glass, mirrors, windshields, etc… but also for their counter tops, appliances, stainless steel, black & glass topped appliances, corian, marble, granite and more!
  6. When you do fall in love with the cloth - and you will - TELL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY ABOUT THE ULTIMATE CLOTH . It’s just too good not to share.

Above all, enjoy the money & time this cloth will SAVE you.