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- What is MiraFiber & How does it Work -

Right up front, I want to say that it's important that you NOT make the mistake of thinking
all microfiber products are the same...

They definitely are not - and the bottom line is that the ULTIMATE CLOTH
is the most effective cleaning and polishing cloth there is on the market!



The Ultimate Cloth is a patented, exclusive technology that makes it the best cleaning cloth in the industry today. We have termed this technology MiraFiber™.



So what exactly is Microfiber? Good question. As a matter of fact, I couldn't find the term 'microfiber' in the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (copyright 1985) dictionary. It's the one our family has used when playing Scrabble over the years. Okay, so we can get fairly cut-throat technical and nit-picky when we play. However, it also seems we need to update our 'Scrabble technical support' material!

When I couldn't find it there, I jumped forward 10 years and looked 'microfiber' up in another dictionary we have on hand - the Random House Webster's School & Office Dictionary (Revised 1995). Again, It wasn't there.

So, like every good internet 'junkie', I went to the web and finally hit pay dirt. Here are the two definitions I found:

mi-cro-fi-ber    [mahy-kroh-fahy-ber] - noun -  a very fine polyester fiber, weighing less than one denier per filament, used esp. for clothing.

[Origin: 1985-;90] microfiber.Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1), Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006 - 2011. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/microfiber

mi-cro-fi-ber   n.   An extremely fine synthetic fiber that can be woven into textiles with the texture and drape of natural-fiber cloth but with enhanced washability, breathability, and water repellancy.

microfiber. Dictionary.com. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/microfiber (accessed: October 01, 2006).

Let me explain in plain english what I know about microfiber. It's simply a term for very fine synthetic fibers - usually about 1/100 th - 1/200 th the diameter of a human hair. After that - as they say… all bets are off because there are hundreds of variables such as:

  • What the synthetic fibers are in a particular fabric. - i.e. are they polyester, rayon, nylon, polymide, etc
  • What the percentages of the specific fibers are - i.e. are they 10% polyester/90% polymide; or 30% polyester/70% polymide; and then, again, maybe 10% nylon/90% polyester? AND...
  • How are they put together? Sewn, woven, spun, etc.

Consider this: Many microfiber materials are put together in such a way as to repel water and dirt, yet the ULTIMATE CLOTH absorbs moisture, dirt, grease & grime!

If you don't have the picture yet or just for 'pure microfiber entertainment value', you may want to visit Google's microfiber page. There's everything there from lingerie, wedding wear, outerwear to sofas & soccer balls. Soccer balls?? I have to admit, I had to go there and yes, it seems that some high end soccer balls use 'microfiber' for the outer cover.

The question you need to ask is...
Some microfibers repel moisture. That would be excellent for outwear - bad for a cleaning cloth. Some microfibers repel dirt and grime. Here again, that would be great for sofas - but bad for a cleaning cloth! I've purchased a microfiber dish drying towel from a major discount store that didn't take the moisture off my dishes! Hmmmm.

So when you say you have or have had a microfiber cleaning cloth - I believe you now understand that that, in itself, doesn't say much. Perhaps you've had a good experience or maybe you've sworn off them altogether. (I can't tell you how many professional cleaners initially turned our cloth down because they had an unsatisfactory result with a microfiber cleaning cloth and ASSUMED that meant they all were the same. They all fell in love with the Ultimate Cloth once they used it!)

So we're back to what was said at the very beginning...
The bottom line is that the ULTIMATE CLOTH
is the most effective cleaning and polishing cloth there is on the market!

Very simply put… it's the patented, exclusive technology of the cloth.


The fibers of the Ultimate Cloth are processed in such a way that they are able to grab and hold dirt, dust and grime. This is the magnet effect.

We call it 'Tough & Tender' because it's tough on dirt, yet gentle enough that a clean cloth will not scratch or damage any surface. We stress the word 'clean', because dirt will scratch, but the cloth will not. If you have previously cleaned a surface that has pulled dirt into the cloth, it's important to wash it prior to using it on a delicate surface.

The Ultimate Cloth with the exclusive MiraFiber™ Technology holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid. Each fiber in the cloth is 200 times finer than a human hair! (this is the secret of the MiraFiber™ incredible cleaning ability). Open spaces between fibers hold dust, dirt, and oil until washed away with mild soap or detergent.

Spaces also allow large amounts of moisture to be collected into the cloths making them very absorbent. These same spaces allow for quicker drying time eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths.


Ordinary Cloth Fiber tends to simply push dirt and dust. Residue is left behind on the surface you are cleaning.

Lack of interior spaces makes ordinary cloth hold very little dirt or moisture.

MiraFiber™ Technology contains millions of tiny ‘scoops' that pull dirt and dust up inside the cloth where they remain until washed away. Results are clean, streak free surfaces. Water acts as a 'lubricant' which helps emulsify dirt & oil making it easier for the Ultimate Cloth's MiraFiber™ technology to  pick it the dirt, grease & grime from your surfaces. The cloth's high absorbency will quickly clean up spills.

Ultimate MiraFiber™ Care:

Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in hot water. Rinse thoroughly. Can use bleach! Do not use fabric softener as it will leave a film on the cloth. When machine washing - best if not washed with towels as the cloths will pick up the lint and transfer back to your surfaces. Air-drying is best and will prolong the life of the cloth.